Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Think About--35 Things

Dear Big Sister,
I'm interrupting my Wednesday rant on Annoying Christians this week in order to tell you all what I think about my big sister.  Part III of Annoying Christians will be up next week!
Dear Randean,

It seems just like yesterday you were a little boy ...


I'm just joking.  She actually looked good in short hair.   This is the ONLY bad photo I have of her.  Well, except for the one where she has a mullet (I already posted that one).
Today you are thirty-five.  Thirty-five.  Wowser--I can hardly believe it.  I still remember when you turned 16 and got the hot pink Mustang! 

Anyhow, to celebrate you on your special day, I am going to share the top 35 Things I Love About My Big Sister!

35.  I love it when you let your hair be red.  The blond is pretty but no one can pull of red the way you can.
34.  I love that you never grew into your knees.  You have to have one flaw.  Fair is fair
33.  I love that you get crow's feet when you smile big.  Some people hate crow's feet but I'm on the side of--"hey, it's proof that she's got a lotta reasons to smile."
32.  I love that you think super-full wine glasses equal one martini glass.
31.  I love that you are afraid of spiders.  I do wish I knew this when I was younger.  I probably would have made your life hell.
30.  I like the face you make when you are making a fake gagging sound.
29.  I love that you make Mr. Clean seems like a guy with a dirt problem.
28.  I love that you taught me the fabric softener on the carpet trick.
27.  I love that we once broke into uncontrollable, simultaneous laughter about a hairy mole in a restaurant.
26.  I love that you totally get how I feel about Magic Erasers.
25.  I love that you let me "shop" in your closet and "borrow" clothes until the end of time.
24.  I love that you always stress over what you "should have said."
23.  I love that you once drove a car that closely resembled the interior of a cockpit.
22.  I love that you call me to talk about nothing.
21.  I love how we can talk about nothing for two hours.
20.  I love that I can send you a text at 5 o'clock a.m. and know I'll hear back from you.
19.  I love that you wear heels even though you are plenty tall and your legs are long enough already.
18.  I love how you embrace your body in a bikini.
17.  I love thinking back to the days of doing crazy dance routines in dad's cowboy boots and boxer shorts.
16.  I love that you love kids' cereals.
15.  I love that you make the best lasagna ever.
14.  I love that you aren't afraid to get wild and silly (see #17).
13.  I love that I saw Dumb and Dumber for the first time EVER with you.
12.  I love that we once fought so badly that I jumped out of your moving car.
11.  I love that we used to have competitions to see who could create the cutest salad or 4 inch round at Subway.
10.  I love that we used to watch shows together (Days, 90210, Friends, Sisters) and discuss them like there was some deep meaning behind them all.
9.  I love that you used to hang up posters of boys (NKOTB) on your wall.
8.  I love that I have pictures of you with big, and I mean BIG, bangs. (Of course you could pull them off).
7.  I love that I can talk to you about everything and you get me.
6.  I love that you are a good mom.
5.  I love that you inspire me to be kind and patient.
4.  I love that you like Nattie (because deep down inside, you know you do).
3.  I love that you aren't afraid of color--on your walls, in your closet.  The more color the better.
2.  I love that you will always be older than me.
1.  I love that we have the same smile--mom's smile.

Happy Birthday, Randean!


  1. :) Hot pink mustang and big bangs...where are those pictures? :) Happy Birthday to your sis!

  2. @Shelly--Buy me a scanner and I'll show you :)


    And I love every of the 35 things Reagan wrote about you... and I look forward to you turning 70 so I can suggest more things to Reag.

    Miss you all!


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