Saturday, November 27, 2010

Days of Play--Christmas Countdown

I read a post a while back from The Dating Divas about creating a Christmas Countdown calendar for your husband and I loved the idea.

So I did it for my husband and my kids.

To make my calendars I bought 50 blank holiday cards at Michael's (they came in packs of 8 for $1), one roll (10 yards) of wired ribbon, and 50 clothes pins (from Target for $1.50).

Then I cut up a paper sack into 50 squares (that way I can re-use the cards and this idea next year too).

On each of the squares I thought of a funtivity to do with my kids every day leading up to Christmas.  Some are elaborate--like going sledding, acting out the Nativity story, or baking cookies for neighbors.  Others are simple, like eating a candy cane, watching a Christmas movie, or reading a Christmas book under the Christmas tree.

For Matt, I followed the idea from the Dating Divas more carefully. 
  • 1/3 of the squares were a funtivity we could do (go to Starbucks, drink Nog and watch Elf, play a game).
  • 1/3 of the squares were compliments.
  • 1/3 of the squares were services (make his favorite dinner, give him a back rub, and a few sexier ideas that I won't dish on ...)

When all of the activities were written and mapped out, I stuffed them in a card, put the card in a numbered envelope, hung the ribbon, and put the cards on the ribbon.

Each day my kids and husband will get to open one card and will be surprised with a fun pre-Christmas activity.

For a more elaborate and traditional scrapbook design (instead of my retro-colors) please go to the Dating Divas and check out their free downloads!

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  1. Awesome idea, I love it. Thanks for sharing, if I have time I'm going to do this for my girls (and maybe my husband!)

  2. That's such a great idea, I love how you're including everyone not just the kids so that Christmas is a real family occasion.


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