Friday, November 5, 2010

Date Night In--Unplugged!

Confession:  I hate my husband's Blackberry.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when it is super handy to be able to be contacted all the times.  But there are times when it is down-right irritating to be "plugged in" to the world ALL THE TIME!

Who knew a little device could get me so jealous!?!

My intense dislike of beeping, texting, ringing ... while on dates with my man inspired this date and it's all about being UNPLUGGED!
 You will need:
  • candles/flashlights
  • games/cards
  • drinks (wine, hot cocoa...)
  • s'more's fixin's
  • shower items
What to do:
  1. Send your husband a text, a phone message, and an e-mail inviting him on go "unplugged" at a certain time/date.  My invitation read:  Lovers remain in the dark, working hard to keep out daylight. *~Mason Cooley~*  You are invited to Intimacy: Unplugged.  Please join me on Friday evening for an evening of leisure and love.
  2. Light candles everywhere.  Tea lights/votives are very inexpensive so go all out!  If you have a fireplace, light it up!
  3. Turn off (I did not say--set to vibrate--I said turn off) EVERYTHING--phones, TVs, IPods, Wiis, DVDs ... Flip a breaker if you have to!
  4. Break out some card games and board games and spend some time talking and playing by candle light. 
  5. Make s'mores over your candles and feed them to each other.
  6. Have your husband relax while you get a shower ready.
  7. Light candles in the bathroom, set out fluffy towels and robes, get the water going to get the bathroom steamy.
  8. Take a long, hot shower together (I hate baths but insert bath here if you prefer).  Enjoy the steam, the quiet, the dark and each other.
  9. Well, for #9 you get to use your imagination.  A lady never talks ... :)


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