Thursday, November 11, 2010

4/30--BrEaKinG alL thE RuLeS!

What's the biggest fashion DON'T rule?  You can't wear brown and black together.

I've previously blogged about why I think this rule is bogus (click here to read that post).

If you think wearing black with brown is the ultimate fashion no-no then you might not want to see outfit 4/30 because I'm breaking all the rules!

Black turtleneck--Gap
Khaki pants--so old I can't remember
Brown Blazer--thrifted


  1. Thank goodness most rules are made for breaking! I used to think it was horrible to wear black and wasn't untill last year that I finally came to my sences

  2. I am breaking the rules with you! I wore black and brown today too :)

    Heather B

  3. I usually don't like the whole black and brown combo thing but I love this outfit! :)


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