Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3/30--Ruffles Galore!

Today I combined the ruffled green sleeveless blouse with skinny jeans, boots, and brown ruffley cardigan. I topped it off with a turquoise bracelet and brown ear rings. DH liked this outfit (though he was trying to get me to take photo in a *little* less clothing ... naughty, naughty!).

But I couldn't decide--should I wear it buttoned?

Or unbuttoned?

I actually really like the layered ruffle look.  I can be a "more is more" person.


  1. Awesome! And I definitely like the sweater unbuttoned. Show of all the cute ruffley goodness! :)

  2. @Jenny--I literally JUST unbuttoned because you said so. Thanks for the input. If only we knew our political votes counted this much, eh?!?!

  3. Open, unbuttoned for sure...

  4. I loke it unbuttoned best...I think if you were to wear it buttoned I would ad a belt.
    I love the layered ruffles...I don't think I own a single ruffle shirt..what's wrong with me?


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