Tuesday, November 30, 2010

23/30--In Seven Days ...

...I'm going to wear my red MaryJanes, my jeggings, and a black jacket. Take that!

It is freezing today so I thought the nice wool pants with a sweater would be great. I threw on that great little necklace Matt got me and thought I'd be fine. Then last minute I grabbed my brown blazer, you know, the one I couldn't do the 30/30 without? Good call.

My classroom was 63 degrees today! Brrrrrrrrrrr. I was freezing. Oh well, at least I liked the layered necklace/scarf/sweater/blazer look. And I really do love these pants.

I am re-thinking ballet flats in Wyoming, however.


  1. LOl can't wait to see that! Almost there!

  2. #1 - I like your scarf. Pretty pretty.

    #2 - I didn't know you owned jeggings. We may have to discuss this.

    #3 - I had the same ballet flat thoughts today.

    #4 - Because I was wearing socks and my feet were still freezing thanks to all the snow in UW's parking lot.

  3. @Kelly--YAY! I can't wait--and I'll post those shoes. I miss them! **sniff**

    1. Scarf=$3 @ Plato's
    2. Jeggings--American Eagle's--more like SUPER stretch denim. You can apologize when I look smokin' hot next Wednesday.
    3. My feet froze all day.
    4. You need to get some Wellies, or some Boggs and then tote the flats in a bag. Your feet won't freeze then unless, you know, your classroom is 63 degrees!


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