Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2/30--It looks like Autumn, not Winter

Today I commuted to work and there was a lovely little snow--which turned into sixish inches of the fluffy white stuff in about two hours.

When I got dressed this morning I actually thought, "This looks Autumny." I guess that's why it snowed.  I'm sorry.  Or you're welcome.  Whatever.

This skirt was a hand-me-down of about 12 years from my sister. I always wear it the same way--black skirt and heels.

Not today!

Hello brown blouse, boots, and orange scarf.

After yesterday's easy start, I felt really adventurous today. And I felt really great.


  1. Do you stay home or do you work? I'm so confused:)

  2. @Anonymous--Yes. I am a SAHM BUT I'm also a full time doc student and an adjunct professor at our state university. I teach 6 hours/week so I work out of the home on during those hours (plus commute) but every other I work in my home--because every mom is a work at home mom!

  3. Also @ Anonymous--I can "see" you are from my town and that you get on a couple of times a day pretty regularly. Don't you want to be un-anonymous yet :) I'll be your best friend. Check yes or no.

  4. LOL...actually I only posted anonymously because I don't think you know me...we just know some of the same people, but now I think I have your curiosity peaked and I'm tempted to not tell you who I am :) Yes, I am evil like that.

  5. @Anonymous--fair enough though you'd be surprised about what online statistics show me--who, what, when, where ... "we" can "see" it all--because online tracking is evil like that too :)


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