Monday, November 29, 2010

22/30--The World According to M.E.

M.E. is my daughter (the name is like Emmy, not me). She will be five in a few weeks.  I love to give her my camera (I really don't like my camera and I secretly hope she breaks it somehow) and let her go wild taking photos so I can see what the world looks like from her perspective.

Today Matt had to rush off for work so M.E. offered to take some photos of me in my 30/30 gear. Here are some particulary good shots (she did get some of the carpet, the garbage can and her brother's nose that I chose not to include).

My resolution last January was to write down three things I am thankful for every day--for one year. It is a part of my daily routine that M.E. likes to watch. She loves to hear when I'm thankful for her. She probably took forty pictures of me writing in my journal. I think she has a knack for seeing the "inner" person.


  1. I'm awe struck, the perspective on some of the images (the second to last especially) is fantastic. You must be so proud.

    The outfit is great it looks stylish yet comfy, which is a plus in my book, I hate being uncomfortable.

  2. @Pam--I'm super comfy today (thank goodness because I have a paper to write and some kids to play with!) And I am always impressed by how M.E. can work a camera.

    @Kelly--Thanks :)

  3. She's a great little photographer!


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