Sunday, November 28, 2010

20-21/30--Crazy Weekend!

Our town has a delightful Christmas parade the Saturday following Thanksgiving.  We put on snow pants, mittens and hats, make steaming cups of cocoa and go see stuffed Frostys and Grinches on parade.  Then we come home and have chili and cornbread.  Nothing fancy but it's tradition.  And I love it.

Prior to the fun parade, my sister and I took our girls to go see Tangled.  Our daughters are a week apart in age and have birthdays right before Christmas. Ergo, they rarely get to celebrate with one another.  So, we had some girl time at the movies.  This is a total side note but remember my issues with Disney Princesses?  Well in this re-telling of Rapunzel I actually heart the princess. 

I had so much fun on Saturday that I forgot to take a photo of my 20/30 outfit.  Oops.  Never fear, I was in 30/30 gear.  American Eagle Boyfriend 77 jeans, graphic T, gray ruffle coat, and zebra shoes.

Sunday I wore this!  I actually got the idea for the over-the-knee sock over tight look from Required2BeInspired.  I love it!

Brown blazer--Thrift
Green ruffle shirt--Apt. 9
Skirt--Banana Republic
OTK socks--Target

What's your favorite memory from the Thanksgiving weekend (if you live in the States)?


  1. I love the socks! They look great with the outfit!

  2. Those socks are the coolest things I've seen in awhile! They remind me of some that Carrie wore in the first SATC movie...I definitely want some argyle OTK socks now!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I got the OTK socks from Target for $5 (USD)! Can't beat that!

    Plus hubby followed me around drooling all day ... apparently OTK socks work for him too! Ha!

  4. That sounds so wonderful, we don't have stuff like this in England anymore, I wish we did.

    I also heart the sound of chili and cornbread, unfortunately I have an allergy to kidney beans (they give me reaaaally bad headaches) so can't eat chilli...which having tasted (avoiding the beans) I think tastes delicious.


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