Friday, November 26, 2010

17/30--Better Late than Later

With the busy Thanksgiving holiday upon me, I've been spending a bit less time blogging and a bit more time turning pumpkins into puree for pies, soup, muffins, and bread.  Mmmmm.

Never fear, I'm staying true to my 30/30 Challenge!

P.S.  I took the black heels off about ten minutes after this photo was taken so I could put on my uber ugly, need to be replaced slippers.  Who wants to cook in heels anyway?

Cute story.  This morning it was positively frigid in Wyoming so I offered to let M.E. wear some comfy, fleece lined pants. 

"Do you want to wear your warm, comfy pants?" I asked her. 

"No," she replied, "I want to wear my skinny jeans."

That's how I know she is mine.

Well, that and my friend Sarah was observing M.E. at school and heard M.E. ask a helper, "Does this juice stain?"  That's how I REALLY know she's mine.

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