Tuesday, November 23, 2010

16/30--Blue and Gray

So, I'm a total history nerd.

I have a Master's degree in Modern American history (1865-present).  Don't even get me started on the Reconstruction Era Amendments or the history of lynching in Wyoming.

One day I want to travel to all the Civil War battle sites.

True story.

And I won't even apologize for it.

My dad was watching a combo of the history channel and military channel last night (so at least I come by it honestly) and there were some photos of Civil War era uniforms.

Blue and Gray.

I guess you could say they inspired my outfit today.  Well, not the stiff looking wool uniforms but the colors.  The uniforms did have buttons, so there's a connection.  And they did have belts (but they were probably for practical, not fashion, purposes).  Sadly when soldiers got a pair of shoes they were boots not zebra striped ballet flats. *sigh*

You might be wondering why I'm making that face.  Good question.  I'll let you know if I ever have the answer.

The Divine Miss M was dying to get into a photo this morning.

M.E. has quite the fashion sense--gauzy dress over floral pj pants, and a hoodie.  I should let her dress me!


  1. haha...she is quite the fashionista!
    As for your outfit...I'm always a big fan of a belted cardi!

  2. Would it make you super jealous if I told you that I've been to almost all of the civil war battle sites in Tennessee? Several in the Virginias, both in Pennsylvania, and then a few others in Kentucky and Maryland? My mom made it a goal to visit as many of them as we could as part of our home school experience. :)

    Anyhow, I like the outfit!

  3. @Natasha--thanks!

    @Sarah--I'm a tiny bit jealous but since you grew up there it makes sense. I've been to the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Devil's Tower, and Mt. Rushmore more times than you can shake a stick at (what does that mean, by the way). Are you jealous?!?! Ha!

  4. I am an ancient history student focusing on Greece and Rome and some Egypt...I would love to study some American history as it has a short but rather interesting history.


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