Monday, November 22, 2010

15/30--Same Difference

I really, really wanted to do the 30/30 challenge so I'd learn to be creative about mixing stuff up and "shopping"my closet. 

Today I am halfway through.  YAY!

Why the countdown?

Here are a few reasons:
  1. I miss my red MaryJanes (and my red leather coat and my black coat and my jean jacket).
  2. I'm getting tired of my selections.
  3. I didn't do a good job choosing--too many warm weather tops and dress pants (read: not enough jeans and sweaters).
  4. I miss Brown and Gold Saturdays
  5. I want to wear a new blazer I got at a HUGE sale (cheater, cheater ...)
But the real issue is that I feel like I keep wearing the same outfit.

Case in point: Outfit #15

It has the same scarf as outfit #1 (and a similar long T with blazer look).
It has the same blazer as outfits #4 and #6
It has the same feel as outfit #8 (gray shirt, brown outerwear).

On the one side, that I can get so many different outfits out of so few clothes is AMAZING and totally convicts me of having an overflowing closet.

On the other hand, I'm kind of ready for some outfits that don't seen so similar.

Gosh I'm complaining too much.  Boo hiss!


  1. I certainly understand the sentiment, I miss quite a few items in my wardrobe and have things I'd love to wear but can't yet, I'm still enjoying the remix though and I'm proud I have stuck it out so far.

  2. I miss my stuff too but I really love how I and everyone else is able to mix and match a small amount of pieces!


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