Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/30--I cheated

Today was a work day so I couldn't wear jeans *sigh*

I really wanted to wear my beaded red shirt but it is pretty inappropriate work gear because of the deep V-cut.

So, I wore a camisole with built in bra. I comforted myself by saying it was underwear. I was probably cheating.

No matter, I'm sure my students would support my decision; though my husband loves the super-low cut look, not everyone is excited to see the girls.

Buttoned or not?  Always a dilemma.

Khaki, red, and black

The bead work on this shirt is amazing. 

I've had these shoes for several years.  Despite other black heels in the closet, these are my fave.

I've had these black Editor slacks from Express for six years and I still love them. I paired them with a red beaded top, my Gap linen blazer, and heels from Target.

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