Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's Cookin'--10/11-10/17

It's 10/10/10!

I'm going to get a bit wild and share what we are eating for every meal this week.

Yes, I plan every meal, every week. I'm neurotic like that.

Monday: breakfast burritos, tuna salad, Harvest Apple Skillet
Tuesday: pumpkin pancakes, chicken noodle soup, cabbage burgers and sweet potato fries
Wednesday: waffles, PBJs, pumpkin soup and salad
Thursday: toast, smoothies, and apples, grilled cheese and tomato soup, garlic rubbed pork loin (didn't get to that last week)
Friday: Scrambled eggs, hot dogs/quesadillas, white lasagna with salad
Saturday: blueberry muffins and Greek yogurt, omelets, taco salads
Sunday: "pink" toast, burritos, garlic chicken and brown rice


  1. Ha ha! Great question. "Pink Toast" is a creation my husband enjoyed as a kid that he now makes for our children (I think it is gross and do not partake!).

    To make: toast a slice of whole wheat bread, put butter on the bread, sprinkle granulated raspberry Jell-O on the butter until it is pink. Cut into some silly cookie shape and eat. Eww but the kids (and by kids, I mean Matt) love it!


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