Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I Think About--Halloween (Your Ideas Needed!)

Confession:  I don't love Halloween.

I don't like the tricking.
I don't like the treating.
I don't like haunted houses.
I don't like "witch's brew," spaghetti brains, or fake cobwebs.
I don't like cookies that look like eye balls, skeletons that light up or trick-or-treat bowls that grab your had.
I don't like the evil that happens on this "holiday."

I really don't like it.  No, I don't.

To be honest, I get pretty creeped out by Halloween.  I know, I know it's all in "fun" but really, what's fun about "tricking" someone until you get candy?  And what's fun about the dentist bill from eating all that candy? 

I'm game for dressing up.  I'm game for a sweet treat now and then.  I'm normally not game for Halloween.

Then we met Molly and Bryant.

They love Halloween.
They love the decorations.
They love "themed" food.
They love dressing up.

And they always have the best costumes.  They've been Yoko Ono and Lennon, characters from The Big Lebowski, and last year they went as Michael Jackson: at age 10 and right before his death (Bryant walked around all night with an umbrella--it was awesome!).

My favorite costumes of theirs:
Smurfette and Edward Scissorhands

Can you believe this?!?!  I mean, they made these costumes (did I mention Bryant can sew?).

What I think about Halloween is that I'm just don't love it.  BUT I do love Molly and Bryant and any excuse to hang with them.

So here's my dilemma, their annual Halloween party is coming up and Matt and I have NO IDEA what we should go as. We don't want to buy "pre-made" Halloween costumes but we have limited budget/craftiness to whip up a Smurfette/Scissorhands get up.  We'd like something clever but not trashy or common.  **Sigh**

We'd love a "couples" idea.

Share your ideas.

(If this sounds like a desperate plea, it pretty much is).


  1. SNL Spartans Cheerleaders? Pretty easy...two black sweatshirts with banners that say SPARTANS across them in red and black. Red sweats for Matt and a white knee length skirt for you with some red and black "stripes" added in! Put together some cheesy cheers and you're all set!

  2. And if you need a little Spartan inspiration...

    I'm still laughing my butt off!

  3. Edward and Bella. Adam and Eve. Peanut Butter and Jelly.

  4. A friend of mine had a great idea a few years ago. one went as Ed McMan for publishers clearing house with a huge check. And the wife went as a surprised winner with a bathrobe , curlers, etc. Very cute and I think a very original idea!

  5. All great ideas so far. Except Edward/Bella. Matt hates all things Twilight and I have a better chance of **actually** going with Edward than I do getting Matt to wear glitter!

  6. Hi there,

    Austin Powers and Vanessa, Aladdin and Jasmine. :)

    Came by to tell you that I gave your blog an award. You can collect your award here...


  7. What about a gunslinger and a southern belle?

  8. @Marie--Thanks! We were thinking Bond and Bond girl but Austin would be more fun.

    @Sarah L.--Ooooh, interesting! I just need a chess piece ...

    @Sarah M.--Cute idea but a bit too much work for this gal. I'm not a hoop-skirt sorta lady. And gunslinger might not go over well with the host (you'll have to ask about this sometime)

  9. GIRL!! You have GOT to get them to enter our contest!! :) That is amazing! :)

  10. A "blind" refery and some sports player. basketball, volleyball, football. Pretty easy. Wear the usually ref. uniform stripped shirt, wistle, but with black sunglasses and a walking stick. Maybe even a little cash hanging out of his pocket. "Are you blind?" "Get your money back!" Ha ha. I love it! Then the other spouse in a sports outfit to go along with the theme!

  11. We have friends that are going as Margot and Richie Tennenbaum from The Royal Tennenbaums. Pretty easy costumes...just hit up your local thriftstore. :)

  12. Alright, I am coming in on this one late. So what did you decide? We are still undecided, which is weird because we SUPER love Halloween. The main reason why I love it is that there is no stress like so many of the "having company over" holidays. In my family the grown ups dress up, but the fun is all about the kids and it's a blast!


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