Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I Think About--Annoying Christians {Part I}

Our pastor has been doing a series called "Why Christians are Annoying."  (He originally wanted to call the series "Why I Hate Christians" but decided that was too strong and out there even for our modern church).
Can I just say I have NEVER been challenged by a series as much as I've been challenged by this one?  For the next few weeks I'll be sharing the ways in which our current series has convicted ME of being an annoying Christian.


Since voting season is upon us, I'm taking this series a bit out of order.  First up today--Christians are annoying because they are obsessed with politics (guilty).

Let me start by sharing a few things.
1.  I am politically "other".  Socially liberal, fiscally conservative.  I'm other.
2.  I think all citizens should exercise their constitutional right to vote and be active in politics.
3.  I do get irritated when people think that, because I am a Christian, I have no right to be interested in politics.  I can do both.
4.  I have strong opinions (there's a shocker, right?!?!).

But where is my hope?  Who do I rely on for change?

Pastor Jeff's sermon came from  1 Timothy 2:1-7 and asked the big question: How should Christians respond to politics?

Here are some of Pastor Jeff's thoughts on the subject:
  • Too many Christians are more fired up about the upcoming election and the change it could potentially bring to the political landscape than they are about the upcoming Sunday and the change it could potentially bring to the spiritual landscape in their hearts.  
  • Too many Christians spend more time studying the Drudge Report than they do the Word of God.
Ya, that kind of got me.  I am more concerned with politics than my relationship with Christ.

Convicted much?  Here's more, you know, in case you said, "No."
  • What if we were as passionate about our churches as we were our political parties?  
  • What if we quit complaining and started praying? 
  • What if we spent as much time serving as we did searching YouTube for the latest videos to prove Obama is wrong?  
  • What if we listened to the Holy Spirit as much as we did CNN, FOX News, Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh?
When it comes to politics, many Christians put more faith in the change their votes make than the change their God can make.

I want others to trust God, but do I? (Can you see how this sermon is making me think?)

Christians can be political without being annoying.  Here's how.

Pray for our leaders.
1 Timothy 2:1-2 is a command, not a suggestion.  Whether we "respect" our leaders or not--whether they "respect" their office of not, we should pray. For the LORD’S sake we should respect the authority.  We can do that by praying for our leaders.
Prioritize the issues
No matter who ends up in a position of authority after November 2, one thing will remain.  People will still need Jesus.  We can't vote for people to choose Christ, but we can show Him to them by being His hands and feet.

It's time to prioritize our issues.  1.  Jesus 2.  His church and way down the line…blogging politics.

Position yourself to preach
If I've got hope even in a sluggish economy, a ten-year war, and a foreclosure crisis, people will want to know why.

If I vote AND accept the results (whether you like them or not), people will respect my submission to authority.

If I live a life passionately pursing Christ, not debating with opponents, I'll be more helpful, more powerful, will glorify God more and will be less annoying.

Go to the polls on Tuesday.  Cast your vote the way you deem is best.

But know when it's all over--no matter who is in control of what seat, what house, or what committee, God is still God and God is still good.
And that's what I think about politically annoying Christians (stay tuned next Wednesday for Annoying Christians {Part II}


  1. I loved this sermon. But that might just be because I have a husband who is really involved in politics as well as a couple brothers.

    I'll admit that I frequently forget to pray for our leaders and that I need to do better about that. I think it's also important to refrain from falsely accusing your leaders or gossiping about them (no matter how you feel about their decisions). I've hidden sooo many friends on FB because I get so tired of hearing negative rumors about Obama and his "plans to destroy America." And I'm not even a democrat so imagine how much more obnoxious that would be to a non-Christian who is also a democrat.

  2. I just realized me first sentence sounds a bit negative about my husband. Oops! I just meant that I've run across a ridiculous amount of annoying Christians in the political things we're involved in. :)

  3. Sounds like a good sermon series and these are all really good thoughts. Look forward to hearing more next week! :)


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