Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Too Clean Tip--Fluffy towels

I'm crazy. 

Just thought I'd get that out there.

I've done several posts about my {love} of fabric softener.  I use it to clean hair spray off walls and to make my carpet look fluffy and my house smell lovely.

Ironically, I don't love using fabric softener in my laundry.

Remember, I preempted this post by admitting I might not be "all there."

Anyhow, I really like soft fluffy towels but I started noticing the more I washed them, the more I used fabric softener, the LESS fluffy my towels actually felt. 


I got to thinking about Pax's cloth diapers and I remembered that detergent (and especially fabric softeners) can weigh fabrics down and actually make them look and feel crusty.

If this is where your towels are at, follow these tips to get some fluffy towels.
  1. Wash your towels alone.  Not with jeans--not with sheets.  Just towels.
  2. Reduce your detergent by half.
  3. After the wash, add 1/2 c. white vinegar to the load right before the rinse.
  4. Do an extra rinse.
  5. Dry in the dryer.  I know line drying is greener but dryers=soft and fluffy.
Hope this helps your towels return to their luxurious fluffiness!

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  1. I have a front load washer. Do I put the vinegar in where the detergent was, or where the fabric softener would regularly go?

  2. But adding the vinegar would make me have to actually pay attention to my laundry machine rather than starting a load and then throwing it into the dryer several hours later when I remember it. :)

  3. @Anonymous--Definitely read your washer instructions before you do this. That being said, I would put it in the fabric softener area. Since my machine is old school, I just dump it in during the rinse cycle.

    @Sarah--No soft towels for you!


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