Monday, October 11, 2010

Show me the Love: My Outfit and The Truth About Mondays

Wyoming has been experiencing some incredible fall weather. 90 degrees in September in Wyoming us unheard of! Anyhow, I've loved the extra days of wearing graphic Ts, rolled jeans, and Tevas!  And I'm showin' the love with this outfit!

Rats.  You can't see it but my 3 year old Target T says "All you need is love."

This vest was another thrift find which I may or may not have "cheated" my sister out of.

While the WY weather has been dreamy, Mondays on WITHMIM? have not been.

The truth about Mondays is--they are kind of a drag.

I've struggled off and on with what to do on Mondays. They are manic for me and for you (I assume).  "YOUR WORDS" has been a fail of epic proportions so you won't see any more of those posts.  In fact, some Mondays you might not see a post at all.  

If I do get my act together, expect some Miscellaneous Mondays--recipes, outfits, funny/inspiring/thought provoking posts.


  1. Why is "your words" an epic fail???

  2. @Anonymous--YOUR WORDS was supposed to be an opportunity for me to get to know readers by having readers respond to prompts. It was a fail because I only ever got 2-3 responses---EVER.

    @Shell--Thanks :)

  3. You should do a Miscellaneous McLinky Monday! It could be on anything...but would allow your readers to link up their own version of whatever. Like todays post...McLinky Monday could be to post an outfit we've been enjoying wearing on our blog and link it up to yours. Or our favorite fall decoration, etc. I would link would give me some bloggy inspiration since I've been draggin on posts lately! :) haha!

    I love this fall weather too and I echo the previous are so cute!


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