Monday, October 4, 2010

My Outfit--Sequins, Military Pants, and Must Have Clogs

I love to go thrifting.  If you caught my blog on The Floundering SAHM then you know that my love of clothing and fashion goes well beyond on savings account.  *Sigh* At least thrifting gives me a change to re-create all those looks I wish I could buy outright!

Anyhow, the last time I went for a sister visit we went thrifting.  I already had some great Gap military style pants and wanted to spice them up.

Enter sequin top and clogs.
Now the sequin top came from my {other} favorite place to shop: my big sister's closet.  Cost?  $0

Gap pants cost $9.99 (thank you sale rack!)

Clogs $6.35 (yes, you read that right!).

I pretty much really, really, really wanted these clogs from Gap but $80 dollars for these shoes, no matter how cute and trendy, was simply out of the question {insert grumble here}

Surely you can understand my excitement to find these clogs (and at such a great price!)

They may never leave my feet.

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  1. Ugh. I wish I wasn't so tall so I could feel comfortable wearing clogs.


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