Friday, October 15, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday--Black Shirt Re-fab

I did an earlier post where I used directions from Ruffles and Stuff to re-fabricate a toddler shirt. Well I did it again with one of my shirts.

I've had this Gap long-sleeved T so long the seams from the armpits to the wrists have holes in them.  But I just can't throw it away.  Ergo, new look.

To do my re-fab, I combined directions from these two projects--Long-sleeve revamp and Ruffle tank.

I didn't take step-by-step photos since this was my first time and Ruffles and Stuff does a much better job than I could do.

Introducing my fave long-sleeved T. *sniffle*

I really wanted short sleeves but since there were so many holes I decided to cut off the sleeves all the way off.  FYI--I did get a bit emotional.  A good T is like an old friend and you don't cut the arms off your old friends. 

These are the pieces I used for the ruffles.  I didn't measure.  I hate measuring.  That explains why they are crooked.  Oh well.

The final product.  I decided to wing it and make my own sleeves.  They aren't awesome but since the ruffles took fifteen minutes and the sleeves took an hour I decided to leave them on until I get fed up with their lameness and cut them off.  I think I'll do it tomorrow.

My cute little ruffles.  Near as I can tell not having straight pieces seems to matter little.

To think I could have paid $50 for a ruffled shirt when all it really took was about an hour of my time to make one out of something I should have thrown away a while ago!

Here's a dreamy way to wear a ruffle top (with items found at Target)!

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