Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Night/Date Night In--Channeling Your Inner Child

I love to pour over other blogs.  A friend recently introduced me to The Dating Divas.  I'll be trying out a lot of their suggestions.

**TOTAL TANGENT**Sarah from The Frontier Kitchen and I are teaming up to do 2 dates.  Both were partially inspired by The Dating Divas though we are giving them our own spicy little twist!

Anyhow, back to this date idea.  When I read this suggestion I thought it was perfect!  You could either do it alone with your hubby (that's what she said) or it could be a family affair.

To read all about the Inner Child Date, click here.

If you want a summary, here you go!

1.  Present your husband with a handwritten note asking him to go on a date with you.  Perhaps write with your left hand so it looks "childish."  How cute would it be to have your children "help" you pass notes back and forth?
Photo from The Dating Divas

2. Make a list of fun things you liked to do as a child.  Choose two or three to be a part of your date.  For example, you could: make ice cream sundaes, color, finger paint, play a kid's game (Hungry Hippos, Memory Match, Guess Who?), make mud pies, blow bubbles, watch a kid's movie, eat a lot of junk food, go to the playground, etc.
Photo courtesy of The Dating Divas

 3.  On date day/night, get together and act like kids again.  Do 2-3 of the activities you suggested.  Enjoy time being silly with your man (and maybe even your kids).
Photo from The Dating Divas

When I was reading this date I thought--man, my kids would love it if we did this with them.  If you want to do this as a family date, go for it.  Take the whole day to be a kid with your kids.  Eat ice cream for breakfast while watching cartoons.  Play in the sandbox.  Play a game of sardines. Go to the park.  Go to McDonald's and order Happy Meals for everyone.  Take a family nap.  How fun would that be?!?!
Another little photo from The Dating Divas

Of course if you want to do this just with your man and you want it to be a little more spicy, the sky's the limit!  Imagine ways you could make it fun and sexy.  Body paint instead of finger paint.  Play hide and go seek but exchange passionate kisses upon finding each other, play naked Twister ... the options are endless!

(I'd put a photo of naked Twister here but that would be awkward).

I'm soooo excited!  Bravo to the ladies (and loyal readers) at The Dating Divas for their awesome ideas.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting that post. We are glad you enjoyed it so much! :)


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