Saturday, October 9, 2010

Days of Play--Leaf Hunt

Goin' on a leaf hunt
Gonna be a lotta fun
Gonna find a lotta 'em
Hopefully a __color_____ one.

Grab a bag, a hand, and go for a delightful fall walk.  As you walk, grab a collection of fall leaves.  Discuss their color, shape, and texture.  Listen for the sound of crunching leaves.  Sing the song (above) substituting in colors you hope to see.

When you get home, turn those leaves into art projects.

Some of my favorites:

Leaf place mats

Using clear Elmer's glue, glue non-crunchy leaves onto scrapbook paper, tag board, or other paper.  Cover in contact paper. Wa la!

If you don't want place mats, lay leaves in an attractive design on the sticky side of contact paper.  Cover with another sheet of contact paper.  Paper hole punch and put string or ribbon through it.  Hang in a window.

Two of the place mats M.E. and I made

Leaf Rubbings

Lay some leaves vein side up on a table.  Cover with white paper.  Rub over the leaf/paper with the side of a crayon.
Photo from JCB Explore

Leaf Decoupage

Buy a cardboard container from Michaels and some ModPodge and decoupage the container with leaves. Let dry.  How fun would it be to decoupage a craft pumpkin with leaves?

Enjoy the fall day with your little ones!


  1. What a cute post! Reagan, would you mind if I used some of these ideas at our homeschool coop this week! I love the place mat idea!

  2. @Kristen--Please use these ideas and let me know how little ones liked them!


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