Saturday, October 16, 2010

Days of Play--Fall Tree

Have I mentioned I love fall? 

Here's a fun fall craft to do that is worthy of framing and hanging (or giving to an eager grandparent).

You'll need:

Brown paper (a paper bag would work)
Finger paints  (red, orange, yellow, green, deep purple, and brown)
Art Smock

What to do:
  1. Put your little on in an art smock.
  2. Cover a work space with news papers.
  3. Using the brown paint, paint your child's hand and arm.
  4. Make a hand/arm print on the brown paper.
  5. Now add leaves.  There are two options to do this:
    1. Let your child dip his or her fingers into different paint colors and put them on the "tree" as fall leaves.
    2. Paint your child's whole hand and put them on the "tree".  Over lap as needed.
When the painting is dry, date, frame and hang.
Photo from A Little Tipsy
Maybe make two so you can have one and so can grandma ... Just a thought!

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