Friday, October 22, 2010

Date Night In--Twilight

My sister's sixth wedding anniversary was a few weeks ago and she wanted a few anniversary date ideas.  I was stalking around The Dating Divas and saw a Twilight date idea.  This date included camping and mountains and it sounded delightful--but not in Wyoming during the month of October.  Brrr.

Though the mountain scene wasn't totally realistic, I did get a ton of thoughts about creating a Twilight date!


Alas, my husband is not a Twilight fan so I doubt I'll ever enjoy this date with my husband.  However, I have a feeling Sarah and I will re-vamp this date into a girl's night in when Eclipse is released onto DVD (C-Town chick-chat gals take note!)!

Invitation (Thank you Dating Divas for this idea!)
Print this poem onto a lovely sheet of paper, fold gently, place in envelope, and seal with a red kiss.  Either mail it to your husband's work OR leave it where he can find it.

"SOME say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if I had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction Ice
Is also great
And would suffice."

Choose a Scene
As I said before, The Dating Divas re-created the tent scene from Eclipse.  If you want to go camping in October (or later), go for it.  If you are a winter camping wimp (like me), think of re-creating one of these scenes:

Dinner at La Bella Italia
Picnic in The Meadow

Set the Scene

La Bella Italia

Re-create the scene of Edward taking Bella out for dinner with a red/white/black theme.

The Table:
  • In a private room of your house, set up a table and two chairs.  Cover with a white or black table cloth. Spread red rose petals over the table.
  • Take a large glass apothecary vase and fill it with red apples and place it in the center of the table (see photo below).  
  • Take 2 wine glasses and put tea lights in them. Light the tea lights and put on either side of the apple center piece.
  • Set the table with plates, water glasses (with ice), napkins, and silverware.  Place a bright red apple in the center of each dinner plate.

The Room:
  • Make sure the room is dim/dark.  Put twinkle lights all around the room or light candles.
  • Play Italian opera lowly in the background.

Omit the birds and Christmas stuff and go for this look courtesy of Dining Delight

The Meadow 

For this scene re-create the meadow Edward and Bella hiked to and return to often during their romance.   Go for a very white, spring theme with lots of plants, flowers, soft smells and gentle sounds.

The Table
  • In a private room of your house, set up a table and two chairs.  Cover with a white or lace table cloth. 
  • Lay faux ivy haphazardly across the table.
  • Take a large glass apothecary vase and fill it with natural, organic materials--lilys and bamboo would be lovely (see below).
  •  Put votive candles around the table and light
  • Set the table with plates, water glasses (with ice), napkins, and silverware.  Place a single white rose on each plate.
The Room
  • Have soft lighting with lots of white twinkle lights and candles.
  • Burn a lavender scented candle.
  • Have lots of fresh flowers and plants (rob the rest of your house or your friends house to create a very natural, meadowy feel) in your room.
  • Play soft, natural music in the background (rainfall, waves crashing, breeze with birds ...)
Thoughts of what to make for this divine date bum-tumbled through my head but the truth is, I'm not the best or most creative kitchen hottie.  Luckily for me one of my fun friends is!  

Miss Frontier Kitchen (aka Sarah) and I teamed up to create this fun date/meal idea.  

If you would like a gourmet red/white/black meal idea to serve on your Twilight date, head over to Frontier Kitchen and get the recipes! 

Here's a little preview of the goodness awaiting you at Frontier Kitchen!


During Dinner

Twilight Trivia--during dinner, play a game of trivia.  Take turns asking/answering questions about the Twilight Saga. Whoever wins gets massage!

After Dinner
Fire and Ice--stand on a block of ice and try to eat an apple--no hands allowed.  

After Dessert
Breakout your Twilight Survival Kit (make this in advance) and watch the movies.

A Killer Kiss--Edward's kisses drove Bella crazy.  This combo will drive your DH crazy!  To give a killer kiss you'll need a small ice cube and an Icebreaker mint.  Suck on a small ice cube WHILE sucking on the mint.  Before the cool or minty wears off, slowly move in and breathe the cool mint on their lips.  Gently kiss your spouse.  Seductively kiss his clavicle. Let's see how he feels about The Twilight Saga after this kiss!


  1. My dh isn't a big Twilight fan, but some of these ideas could still work!

  2. I think Twilight Trivia activity would be awesome to do with Khale since it would be beyond easy for me to win!

    Seriously though, I'm going to try to pull some of this off with him...I'll just omit that it's Twilight-inspired since he would go running the other direction if it was. :)

  3. These are great ideas! Is this the date night you were talking about a few weeks ago? I think both Chris and I would like this date night :-).


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