Monday, September 6, 2010

Your Words--Baby Story

And now for the baby story.

Madisen was born nearly a week late.  I labored for thirteen hours.  I was going to have her naturally (no medical interventions, with a midwife).  Serious complications led to an emergency C-Section (we're talking she was out in like two minutes).  I felt like a "loser" since she wasn't delivered "naturally."

I did not heal well with Madisen and have a weak spot in my uterus that ruled out a V-Bac so Paxton came by C-Section as well.  We got to pick his delivery date.  Everything went smoother the second time.  The biggest thrill with both pregnancies was hearing "It's a _____" since we didn't find out the gender ahead of time.
Baby's Paxton's newbie feet!

What is your baby story?  Did everything go smoothly?  Did you deliver at home?  Did you make the anesthesiologist give you the epidural in the parking lot?  Did you do it all natural?


  1. Was induced with Eli after being in the hospital for 15 days (felt like 6 months!). Labored for 12 hours...his heartbeat got way too low & my blood pressure got way too high so I was rushed to the OR and he was delivered about fifteen minutes later via c-section. I was really drugged on magnesium sulfate & hardly remember any of it...but I do have a picture in my mind of him really close to my face after delivery. Our first few times nursing I have no recollection of which makes me sad. The 24 hours after his birth are pretty sketchy in my mind too as I was coming down off of all the drugs they gave me so that I'd be able to have him naturally. So my first experience with childbirth wasn't so great! But the end result was fantastic! :) You so easily forget the bad stuff once your baby is there & you fall in love with them!

    My second kiddo ---a tough pregnancy but a beautiful delivery! Another c-section. We scheduled it, went in & everything went smoothly. I really enjoyed the time in the OR (as much as you can enjoy it. Although I think I had a slight panic attack while they were "prepping" me). I remember so much about it & all those first moments I had with my little guy. It was a much better experience! :)

  2. Another thought ---I used to really mourn & feel bad about have a c-section. But I am so over that! If I could go back and had the choice I would have done it the natural (vaginal) way...but thats obviously not what God intended for me & I'm thankful for healthy deliveries, especially since my body doesn't particularly like being pregnant. Now...even if I lived in Colorado and had the chance for a VBAC, I think I would choose the c-section. My body recovers pretty quickly from them & to me its seems way less scary than the other way! Moms that do that (with & without medication) are totally amazing to me! :) But in the end we all have babies & I'm so thankful for the good maternity healthcare that I have available.

    okay...tangent over!

  3. My first son was about three weeks early but I had a vaginal birth. For my daughter her heart rate was going up and down so I had to get an emergency c-section. I tried a VBAC with my son he was about 6 days overdue and I was induced. I almost had a successful VBAC but his heart rate was up and down as well so another c-section. The Doc told me to not try a VBAC again because I have too much scar tissue. So, this time I am having a scheduled c-section at the end of November.

    I sometimes feel guilty about having a c-section and I get tired of explaining to people why I have to have one this time. But, I know if God wanted me to have a VBAC I would have had one. Obviously he knew it wouldn't be safe for me.


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