Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's Cookin'--9/13-9/19

This Sunday post is a bit late. Oops!

Monday--Shish-ka-bobs (didn't eat these last week)
Tuesday--Sweet and Spicy Chicken thighs with steamed veggies
Wednesday--Dinner out with the kids
Thursday--Enchiladas (we were supposed to have these 2 weeks ago but never did!)
Friday--Manicotti and salad
Saturday--At the Pokes game
Sunday--Garlic Rubbed pork loin with sweet potatoes and wax beans


  1. What is the "zesty sauce" on the shish-ka-bobs?

    Go Pokes! :)

  2. @Shelly--I have no idea. I posted the wrong recipe. I've put the one I actually used up now :) And FYI--I used Yoplait greek yogurt.


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