Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Too Clean Tip--Dry Erase Marker

A friend has a dilemma.  Her daughter loves dry erase markers.  Her daughter's clothing does not.

When dry erase marker gets on clothing we all have the same thoughts.  There goes that over-priced but super cute Gymboree shirt.

Well here are some tricks to try before you toss that shirt into the rag bucket (and if these tricks don't work, you still have a new rag.  It's win-win, really).

Option #1
Pour white vinegar on the stain, soak and then rub.  You can try the same thing with isopropyl alcohol.

Option #2
Amodex ink remover (you know, if you have it lying around).

Option #3
Murphy's Oil Soap (this might fade darker garments, though).  You can spray it on, let it sit a minute, rub it out with an old toothbrush.

Option #4
Magic Eraser--yes, some people swear you can rub this over stains on your clothing/furniture/carpet and that it'll get them out.

Option #5
Baby wipes, Tide Pen, or Shout Wipes (these are best if you catch the stain right away).

Option #6
Sunscreen--rub a dab of baby sunscreen into the stain, let sit.  Rub with toothbrush and rinse.

Of course you could just buy Foohy washable dry-erase markers :)
Just sayin'!


  1. Thanks! Now I don't have to keep dressing Lillian like a bum whenever we go to Khale's office because she loves to use his dry erase board. :)

  2. Braeden, my then 3 year old, had a hay day with a blue and red marker on my daughter's white carpet in her room. I wonder if any of these options would work as well on carpet. It took us FOREVER to get it out of her carpet - even going over and over and over it with a steam vac!
    Thanks for the tip!


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