Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I Love--Fallish Weather

I'm really not one to complain about weather.  If I was, WY would be a bad place to live.  It's cold and snowy and windy.  There is no spring, almost no fall, and summer is short.  Luckily construction season is long (please note my sarcasm). 

Even though I can ebb and flow with the weather, I prefer cool, cloudy days.  Matt and I joke that I have reverse Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) because if the day holds skies that are too clear and blue and too hot the only thing I want to do is lay on the couch, watch TV, and drink sweet tea in front of the air conditioner.

Give me a cloudy or snowy day and watch me go.  Cool and gray brings out the power woman deep inside.  I'm just a bit bizarre like that.

I really do love fall.  The color change, the sound of rustling leaves, the mixed smell of leaf decay, wood burning stoves and dirt, the farmer's markets ...

Until those days roll around, I look forward to rainy, cool Wyoming days.  And when they come, be it in June or October, I have the same response.  Open the windows to cool the house down and get in the "good" smell, burn a fall scented candle (apple crisp is my fave!), turn on some singers/standards type music (jazz, Michael Buble), and soak in the goodness.  Earl Gray tea--optional (okay, required).

Did I mention that even though I'll take the weather as it comes, I'm secretly Jonesin' for fall?


  1. The Fall is my FAVORITE time of year here in Indiana. Although I HATE winter, which obviously follows Fall. I love the summer and outside activities but always get excited at the first hints of Fall.

  2. Me too! My favorite time of year ever! I even have all my autumn decorations out, and have been drinking copious amounts of warm beverages and burning lots of yummy, smelly candles. Love it.

  3. @Sarah--The fresh days of fall are so refreshing. THough I have to admit I love winter too!

    @Whitney--We are kindred!

  4. I love fall too! It makes me want to make apple crisp or something:) Minnesota is soooo humid in the summer, we are all waiting for the fall coolness to hit us!

  5. Fall is also my favorite season which doesn't hit NC until mid to late October :(



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