Monday, September 6, 2010

My Outfit--Comfy Cardie Day

I've already confessed that I'm jonesin' for fall.  Lucky for me our state had a few days of chilly fall weather complete with cloudy skies, fog, and frost warnings.

To celebrate, I broke out my comfy clothes!  I'm so ready for fall!

FYI--I generally look this direction because my little people are nearly always standing by the patio door acting silly and hoping to get a mom smile out of me (which is pretty easy to do).

My fave destroyed jeans and black ballet shoes.  How great are these hickory floors?!?!

I'm a big fan of ruffles, flowers, and other dramatic shirt details.

So in this photo Paxton threw his bowl of mac-n-cheese onto the floor.  And I'm still smiling.

Get my super-simple look!

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