Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Minute

Monday Minute

I've decided to link up with The Daily Dose of Reality today and participate in The Monday Minute.

So, in one minute, here's some stuff about me you probably never cared to know.

1 - Who is your favorite childhood superhero?
No fave superheros here.  If I could make up a superhero it would be "The Not-So Super Mom" (key cheesy yet dramatic music now) and her skill would be making paper mache pumpkins with her children when there was a sink full of dishes.  Her outfit would definitely include spit up and sassy red Mary Janes.

2 - List something you have done for pure shock value.
I may or may not have gotten an ill-advised frog tattoo when I was 16.

3 - What is the most recent thing someone has said/done to you that left you picking your jaw up off of the floor.
I watched a comedy skit wherein Dane Cook decided that we overuse the word "rape" in our daily language and should stop using it at once.  (This came about since people don't like hearing the heterosexist phrase "that's so gay").  Normally Dane Cook=funny.  This skit=What an idiot!

4 - Do you have a moment where you gained clarity about your life?
When a doctor at the Mayo Clinic told my sister and I we have a 50% chance of getting my mom's disease.  When it comes to faith, this is putting the pedal to the metal!

5 - What are you doing to achieve your biggest dream?
One of my biggest dreams was to stay in school forever because I'm a nerd like that.  I'm getting my Ed. D so I'm well on my way. 

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