Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fashion--Fall Fashions

Runway trends are always pretty out there for me and I'm pretty grateful a lot of the 
"new looks" never make it to Wyoming.

The Fall 2010 runways are a case in point.

The runways are packed with some interesting looks for fall.

Here's what you might expect to see in the "trendy" department for fall 2010:

The colors Ox Blood, Camel, all shades of green, gray (YES!) and head-to-toe black

Capes and Ponchos

High buttoned collared shirts and turtle necks


Graffiti pants

Feely fabrics  like fur, silk, velvet and velour

Sheer fabrics (lace)

Pleated skirts

Knee high/thigh high socks

Socks with heels
I can probably get on board with turtlenecks, the new "it" colors, and patchwork jeans but the rest of the trends have me a little nervous.  Good thing New York and Milan are so far away!

Are you digging any of these trends?  Which ones are too icky for words?

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  1. I always like the idea of turtlenecks but then hate the way I look in them and how they make me feel like I'm slowly being strangled by a small child.

    I'm all about the lace though!


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