Thursday, September 23, 2010

{FALL} Things I Love: Hot Drinks

Last week I gushed on and on about my electric tea pot.  (I still love it, BTW).

What might possibly be better than my teapot is all the hot drink goodness I can make with it.

I love hot drinks.  Teas, cocoas, chais, ciders ... I love them.

I love the way a hot drink warms you from your hands to your tummy.

I love the way steam rising from a hot drink opens your sinus.

I love the way a hot drink feels like a hug on the inside.

I love hot drinks.

When it comes to tea, I must admit that I don't love white and green teas.  Black and red teas--delish!  I especially love Red Rose black tea with cream and sugar and the HELLO! wake-me-up taste of Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy herbal tea.

When it comes to chai I must confess that I'm not a powdered chai fan.  Instead I prefer Stash chai (with half-n-half) and Third Street chai mix.

And for cocoa, it's pretty hard to beat this!

Reagan's Cocoa Recipe
2 c. shifted powdered sugar
2 c. dry milk
1 (8oz) jar non-dairy creamer
2 c. Nesquick

Mix everything in a large bowl and store in a plastic container in dry area.  To make, mix 1/4-1/3 c. to 6-8oz of hot water.  Enjoy!

Finally, I love to make a spiced tea.  The whole house smells divine and certain people swear this recipe cures the common cold.  For some reason the smell of cloves and oranges will always remind me of my childhood home around Christmas time.

Wintertime Spice Tea
1. c dried lemonade
1 c. Tang
1/2 c. instant tea mix
1/2 t. cinnamom
1/2 t. ground cloves

Mix and store in a cool, dry spot.  To make, add 2-3 heaping tablespoons (to taste) to 6-8 oz of hot water.

P.S.  Both of these recipes can be made in bulk, put into cute jars and given as inexpensive but tasty gifts for your neighbors!

What hot drink do you love?

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  1. I'm a hot cocoa fan! I've never liked tea (iced or hot), but I think I will have to try your Wintertime Spice Tea recipe!

  2. You know how I feel about hot tea. I've crossed over to the dark side though and now drink coffee almost daily.

  3. I'm also crazy for hot drinks! Starbuck's Cafe Verona is my coffee blend of choice and I can drink this all day (decaf of course). I also love Tetley British Blend, (my most favorite black tea) with just a little milk and sugar please. My homemade hot cocoa with a dash or stick of cinnamon. Homemade hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and orange slices. Oh and I totally agree about the powdered chai, its just not right. Starbucks makes a pretty mean chai latte! Time to fire up my electric tea kettle and enjoy a cuppa.

  4. I'm a coffee girl, never real big into hot tea. Although, I drink iced tea by the gallon every day. Red Rose tea bags are the ONLY ones I'll use for my tea. I used to make sweet tea using about two cups of sugar, but I've moved over to liquid stevia. I brew my tea and chill it, when I want a glass of tea I put the liquid stevia in my glass and then the tea.

    Your spiced tea does look good though, I might try it once we get through this heat wave in PA!


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