Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{FALL} Things I Love: Fall Movies

WAIT?!?!  The Things I Love feature is normally on Thursday--hang in there.  It'll all make sense tomorrow!

Continuing on my love of all things fall, I must share my love of fall movies.

I've confessed before that I have reverse SAD and that when cool foggy days roll in I love to get busy and organize or clean or bake.

But on some fall days (especially if I am ironing) I love to indulge in my favorite fall movies.  *Disclaimer* I confess that I have the movie tastes of your average thirteen year old girl.

I'm not sure what makes a movie a "fall" movie for me except:
  • These movies do show the fall season
  • These movies have great "fall" soundtracks
  • I need a good excuse to watch these movies over and over because I love them and fall seems like a good excuse.

Without further ado, here are my top three fall movies!

3.  You've Got Mail
Meg Ryan, books, coffee shops, New York, delightful soundtrack ... what says fall more than that!?!

2.  Step Mom
New England colors, quilts, and quippy one-liners make this a must-watch September movie!

1.  When Harry Met Sally
Meg Ryan (again), quippy one liners (again), New York (again), great colors (again), and an amazing soundtrack (again) ... This is a fall movie even Matt likes to watch.

What fall movies have you "fall"en for?


  1. Thank you! I will watch them all this weekend!

  2. Oh yes...I love all of these too! Haven't watched them forever but Matt has an intensive weekend coming up for school so this might make my agenda that weekend! :) Stepmom is one of my favorites!

  3. I haven't watched any of those in years. I'll have to sometime soon.

  4. hey..i have watched stepmom and harry met sally..nice movies..will surely watch the third one soon..:-)


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