Saturday, September 18, 2010

Days of Play--Paper Mache Pumpkins

I saw this craft on a blog and fell in love.  
Photo from Hillside Home
I mean, aren't these the cutest fall craft pumpkins you've ever seen?

You know what I like even better?  You could totally make these with kids of any ages.

Okay, you probably won't want to let your one year old play with the glue but your wee one could rip the paper for you. 

Anyhow, if you want the down-n-dirty on how to create this delight"fall" little pumpkin family with the little pumpkins in your family, follow this link.  Enjoy!

Here are some photos of our pumpkins!  We went with a retro-look in our paper color/selection.  It took M.E. and I about forty minutes to make three pumpkins.




P.S.  For the glue mixture I used equal parts of Elmer's glue and warm water.

And if you want to try win $45 to spend on fall home decor from a CSN store, click here!


  1. I love these! What a awesome idea, I think I may attempt these with the girls this weekend.

  2. I need to try and make these with Lillian. :)

  3. YAY, Reagan!!! They look great! Thank you so much for the feature! I am going to feature you right back and show everyone how great your turned out! Easy and fun, huh?! :)

  4. Too cute! Can't wait to do these with A&M!!! Did you use real pumpkins or plastic/plaster pumpkins like the link suggests? Yours look very real to me!

  5. @Sarahs--Have fun making these with your girls! My daughter loved it (though glue somehow ended up in her hair, nose, and eyebrow!

    @Ashley--Thank you--we love how they turned out!

    @Alicia--My pumpkins are NOT real. They are plastic (possibly with Styrofoam inside) pumpkins we got at Michael's. The small ones were $3 and the big one was $5. Hope this helps!

  6. These are adorable! I may try to make these.

  7. Thanks Reagan, going to try them!!!


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