Monday, August 23, 2010

Your Words--Wedding Story

Lately, YOUR WORDS has been relationship based. Have you wondered why? It's all in celebration of my parents who, TODAY, are celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad (Okay, they aren't going to read this because where they live in Alaska you can only get dial up at the local library and they don't love me enough to wait for my blog to load.  They will see this when I make a blog book, though)!

Matt and I got married on 12/21/02.  We were married in a small church and had our reception at the Ivinson Mansion (blocks from where we met).  Our colors were black and white and I let each of my four bridesmaids find a black dress they liked--they didn't match but they went together.  And I know at least one of them has since worn her bridesmaid dress to another event so I broke all sorts of wedding stereotypes!

Our wedding was small and intimate but got rowdy during dancing time (I love that we had a dancing reception where literally EVERYONE danced).  Our friend Andrew broke a table full of glasses during the train, I wore a headdress for the YMCA, and Matt's 85 year old great uncle Bob did the chicken dance.  My favorite memory was getting into the getaway car (which had XXX Mobile written on the side) and realizing we were out of gas.  At 11:00 pm in the middle of a snowstorm, Matt pumped gas in his tux and I washed the windshield in my wedding dress.  Classic!

Tell me your wedding story!  When did you get married?  Where?  Was it everything you hoped it would be or was there a blooper?  What's your best wedding memory?


  1. Chris and I got married at the Botanical Gardens in Cheyenne. It rained all day. Everyone was panicking, except me! I knew that it would all be fine, and it was. The rain stopped right before the wedding, so everything was a beautiful green. As we were finishing up the ceremony it started to rain again. I just laughed, which made Chris laugh. We finished our ceremony under an umbrella. We had our reception at the Hitching Post. It was nice. We had a few bloopers. Our DJ was a perv and kept hitting on my friends sister over the mic, in front of his wife! Our reception pretty much turned into a frat party with keg stands and all! One of Chris' friends got into a fight with his girlfriend and threw a chair and knocked over the luggage rack. We called in a night after that. I was the only sober one left so I drove my drunk husband, his sisters and our friends to the Holiday Inn where we were staying. It was Awesome! (Hear my sarcasm)? So that's my wedding in a nutshell.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Even if it wasn't ideal, it sounds like you have a good attitude about bit.

    And in the end, you came out of the whole ordeal with a hubby!


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