Monday, August 30, 2010

Your Words--Pregnancy Story

I found out I was pregnant with my first child on March 17, 2005 at 5:00 a.m.  I woke Matt up to tell him and he asked if I "took the test correctly."  Of course, dear. There really aren't that many ways to pee on a stick! Ha ha.  

We told Matt's parents straight out that I was pregnant because I was supposed to help cook for a branding but instead threw up all morning and slept on the couch.  With my parents we wrote up a little poem about coming home from Mexico with a souvenir--"The best souvenir, remember, will be here in early December ... " (I should mention I got pregnant in Mexico while on a vacation with my parents.  Eww factor, big time!).
My next two pregnancies didn't make it :(  Valuable lessons learned in not telling people too early.

I found out about my last pregnancy on September 20, 2009.  I had just finished co-hosting my sister-in-law's baby shower and had a hunch.  A pregnancy test at my in-laws house confirmed my suspicions (I don't know what it is about finding these things out with family but that's how it goes with us.  I could really gross my brother-in-law out by mentioning we got pregnant in his bed.  Sorry Josh).  One of my BFF's Jessica literally guessed I was pregnant 10 weeks later ("Your face looks a little round.  How far along are you?).  We told our parents shortly after that.

This was my fave maternity picture.  Unique and retro--Love it!

Tell me about your pregnancy (ies).  Did you share the news in a unique manner?  Were you sick for nine months?  Did you only gain three pounds?


  1. Love your photo!!! That's awesome! When I read that you got pregnant in your BIL's bed I totally laughed out loud (and I'm home alone too!). Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Finding out I was pregnant with Kaeden was the biggest shock of my life. My best friend thought that she was pregnant and bought a dual test. She was really nervous and so I told he I would take one with her. Mine instantly had the double lines, to which I told her "that must mean you are pregnant since you only have one." She then had the bright idea to read the directions and had to break it to me that I was the one who was pregant. I was so in shock (let it be known that I am the poster child for failed birth control/ broken condoms.) I had a very easy pregnancy with him. Now, Ella on the other hand, was completely different. We had been trying for her and I must have peed on fifteen different sticks. We found out on Kaeden's 5th birthday that we were expecting. My pregnancy with her was tough, though. Kidney stones, pneumonia, stomach flu (granted, all non-pregnancy related issues, but made even worse with carrying). Pretty much the same for Bridger and Jori, too. They were planned and had great pregnancies. I do have to say, though, that I never gained over 10 pounds with any of the kids. Jori was my least amount gained...4 pounds. I lost weight like crazy my last trimester, which worried the doctors. I just couldn't keep it on (I know, cue the violins now.) Anyway, since you did a whole thing on engagements/weddings in honor of mom and dad's anniversary, are you going to tell us something? PS: Don't feel bad about conceiving on Josh's bed, Bridger was conceived on one of yours. Just didn't want you to feel alone.

  3. @Curly J--Hopefully BIL doesn't read this--he might not be laughing ...

    @SD--I only gained 13 with Pax and he was 8 of it so I felt pretty good. And to correct you, Bridger was conceived in our guest bed (not the same thing as our regular bed).

  4. The first two times were great, low weight gaining pregnancies (though not as low as 5 lbs!), but my third one was tough! I had major hip issues and gained a bit more weight than the first two! Yikes! And like you, we lost our most recent little one at 14 weeks along. :(
    Thankfully, all our babies were conceived in the comfort of our own home. Haha!
    We did find fun and clever ways to tell our families each time, though and that was fun.
    I just re-read your blog and you couldn't have found out about Pax in September of 09, could you? Didn't he just turn a year recently? :)
    Thanks for sharing your pregnancy stories. I love sharing those stories with other mommies.

  5. Really, Sandra? The comfort of your own home? Come on...lets keep it real here! :) haha! J/K...

    Both our kiddos were planned & conceived quickly. Eli...well I have no idea when & where because we were young & super excited to try to have a baby so lets just say it was a fun 4 weeks. haha. With Simeon...well, I won't say where because i'm not as brave as you...but it was not at our house. ;) Heeheehee!

    We told our parents & best friends in fun ways both times. Both pregnancies were pretty hard on me. Developed pre-eclampsia both times. At 35 weeks with Eli & at 22 weeks with Simeon...which resulted in varying degrees of bedrest for the next 16 weeks. It was a hard season of life that brought Matt & I so close to one another & to God. Despite the tough pregnancies...I loved being pregnant!I loved feeling those babes inside of me & bonding with them for nine months before meeting them.

    And...I may have gained a bit more weight (25 lbs & 35 lbs)...but all weight gain was gone within 6 weeks after delivery so I'm thankful for that! :)


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