Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Words--Engagement Story

In May of 2002 the new Star Wars (you know the romantic one when Amidala and Anakin get together) was released.  Matt promised to take me to opening night.  On May 15th we worked in my yard all day and he was suddenly too tired and didn't "feel" like going to the midnight showing.  So I did what any grown-up girl would do--I sulked and pouted and told him I didn't "feel" like having dinner with him.

Lucky for me all of my other charming moments made up for my bad attitude that day and he proposed that evening.

Around 9:00 pm he called and asked me to see if he left his wallet in my car.  Out on my deck there was a bunch of balloons and a clue that led me on a scavenger hunt.  I went to the scene of our first date, the place where he met my parents, and the location of our favorite date.  The clues led me back to my house where he had candles lit up everywhere, Unchained Melody playing, and The Matrix on TV.

I don't remember what he asked but I know what I said.  YES!

Last week you shared how you met your husband, now share your engagement story.  Was it movie-quality romantic?  Spur of the moment?  Did you ask him?  Was it a disaster with a happy ending?


  1. Now I get the Star Wars reference. Wow... those geeky movies sure do bring couples together.

    No scavenger hunts or clues here, but it was perfect in my eyes. He just showed up at my apartment one night in February of 2000 to surprise me (he was living in Rock Springs and I was in Laramie), but lost his nerve that night (his plan was to propose to me as soon as I opened the door). We went for a nice drive followed by a chilly nature walk the next day and he got down on one knee on the frozen ground and asked me to marry him. I said yes.

    And... by the way, it's your story, not mine, but are you sure you got engaged in 2005? I'm only asking because I seem to remember you and I got married on the same day 2 years apart.

  2. What a sweet story ... wait a minute, who the hell is this guy that stole my idea and proposed to my wife of three years in 2005?

  3. Ya--Turns out it wasn't that memorable! Ha ha. M.E. was born in 2005. Matt proposed in 2002.

    Can I claim mom brain?

  4. My husband proposed at the Four Seasons hotel. First we went to dinner. I was extremely nervous because I knew something was up. After dinner we walked around the resort. He got down on one knee and asked me if I would do him the honor of being his wife. It was a pretty awesome night.


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