Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's Cookin'--8/30-9/5

This coming weekend we're going to family camp!  I can't wait!

Until we leave, here's what we'll be eating.

Monday: Spicy honey chicken, steamed broccoli, and rice
Tuesday: Enchiladas
Wednesday: Chicken Marsala and salad
Thursday: Honey Pepper Pork loin, beets, and greens
Friday: Lime chili steak and coconut rice


  1. Ummm, just because YOUR'RE going to family camp, doesn't mean that everyone else is. Geez, now I have to actually think of something to make for myself. Thanks a lot. On a serious note, too bad your status didn't say something like "I am going to be visiting my sister this weekend, so there won't be a meal plan."

  2. @SD--I know. M.E. was begging to see Ella about two minutes ago. Anyhow, for Sat. eat BBQ ribs and Sunday have lasagna.

    And we'll figure out how to get together. M.E. will have school until Fridays at 330 now. When is Ella in schools?

  3. Ella has school M,W, and F from 9-11. Work is my biggest issue right now. It seems like I keep getting handed the 8-5 shifts on Fridays. And now, with soccer and football, it is going to be pretty tough to make it down there.


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