Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's Cookin'--8/2-8/8

I got an e-mail from gal letting me know that most bloggers post their meal plans on Monday.  Thank you for the heads up, girlie!  However, I'm gonna keep my meal plans on Sunday because, as a meal planner, I think you should get your recipes and buy your groceries BEFORE the week starts (and my sister asked me to post the meal plan on a weekend day).

Here we go!
Monday--Chicken Marsala with salad (this is excellent over whole wheat pasta too but we are still eating very few carbs)
Tuesday--BBQ Salmon and wild rice with steamed veggies
Wednesday--Chili-lime steak salad
Thursday--Spicy grilled shrimp kebabs
Friday--Honey-lime chicken with couscous and salad
Saturday--Asian Chicken salad
Sunday--Spinach Pesto pasta with salad

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