Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Love--Not So Much

Sometimes my Things I Love day starts to feel a bit too PollyAnna for me--like I love everything.  Sadly, this is not the case.  So today, let me share some things I DON'T love.

Okay, birds are mostly harmless but I think their eyes are weird and they are dirty little creatures.  But what I really hate is birds waking me up at 5:00 am with their pretty songs.  I love birds singing after 7:00 am.  Before then--Boo Hiss!  Sorry.  I will be happy to accept my "grump of the morning" award now.

I can't stand corn.  I know, I know--you're thinking "How can anyone not like corn?  It's so good with butter and salt!"  LOTS of things are good when you smear them with butter and salt (popcorn, beets, asparagus, brussle sprouts...) so don't try to sway me with that one.  I don't know why but the corn flavor does nothing for me.  And I hate that it gets stuck in your teeth.  And has a specific type of poop named after it (corn poop).  And that it is all starch and no nutrition.  When it comes to me, you can have my serving of corn.  Deal?

I love clean children but I hate bath time.  You probably just gasped because like 90% of moms think bath time is a blast but I can't stand it.  I get wet.  The floor gets wet.  The tub gets ring around the tub (which means I have to clean it when I'm done cleaning the kids).  Suds in eyes, fighting over bath tub toys, trying to find where my turkey baster is (of course it's in the tub, that's an obvious bath time toy, right?)...  I wish I had a better attitude when it comes to bath time but I don't.

 Yes, that is poop.  No, not corn poop.  Yes, I got him out of the tub before he got a hold of it!

When I was on the nest with my first child the news was always so traumatic (or maybe it was the hormones) that I always ended up being a teary-eyed mess.  Shortly after my daughter was born I was having discussions with Matt about whether we would humanely kill her if society got *really* bad--you know, in the event that something like the holocaust were to happen again (you know what Nazis did to babies, right? *shudder*). 

Okay, not sound thoughts.  But if you've watched the news it's bad, on top of bad, with bad statistics, bad politics, bad celebrities, and bad news people pretending they are the only one's who aren't spinning the news. 

I haven't watched the news in four years and I gotta tell you, I feel great!  Now I can read news articles I'm interested in in about fifteen minutes a day.  No commercials.
What do you love to hate?


  1. I hate the news too. The closest I ever get to watching it is when I occasionally exercise to the Today Show in the morning...but that just has a tiny bit of actual news in it so it's tolerable. :)

  2. I'm with you on all of this except the corn. I absolutely dread bath time. Kids just want to splash and have fun. My son doesn't want the washcloth coming anywhere near his head, which makes washing his hair really difficult. This is a chore I usually pass off to my husband because he doesn't mind it so much.

    I can't stand the news either. I know there are good things happening everyday. Where is all of the good news? I actually don't listen to country music either because I find it so depressing. I really don't want to hear how someone's wife left them on the day their dog died, etc.

  3. @Sarah--Yay! We can bash news anchors together for our new hobby!

    @Melissa--Don't even get me started on country music. Wa, wa, wa!

  4. I'm with you on everything except the corn. The birds in our yard start singing at 4am! Somedays I wish I had a BB gun or a slingshot. I also hate the news, especially the fact that celebrity gossip is now on the regular news. Who cares!? I think the girls do some cute stuff during bath time, but I too dread the mess and the fighting and screaming over having hair washed, and then there's clean up. Yuck! I also hate how movies that are geared towards kids usually have some kind of adult theme thrown in. I think its unnecessary and ridiculous!

  5. I am with you on the bath time. I despise baths and try to do it as little as possible (you know, passing it on to Jeff and trying to get away with every other day baths...which is hard to do in the summer).

    I hate that Bresnan puts really inappropriate titles on their menu. Having to explain to a 10 year old what "Nasty Self-Pleasing Co-eds" are, is not so fun. (Now, if I had your quick wit, that might be different). Although I have those channels blocked and don't have a subsciption, they should hide the titles unless you actually do.

    Gangster rap. Enough said.

    The color pink. Didn't like it before the Stang, loathe it now because of the Stang. It definitely makes dressing baby girls a little more difficult.

    Shopping. I would rather gnaw off my left arm than go to Wal-Mart, school supply shopping is a conspiracy, finding age-appropriate clothes for myself is a battle and doing all of the above with kids is downright masochistic. If I had enough money, I would hire a personal shopper.


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