Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things I Love--"Love your pants off!"

For as long as I can remember I've had an affinity for making up words (goof bumps, Mrs. Snickle Dippin' Sparkles was my "teaching" name).  This obsession got worse when I married Matt.  And the trouble compounded when we got our first "kid"--a Brussels Griffon named Griffin.

Griff was such a character and many Kaufman words came about because of him.  My favorite: Grumpus. That little dog had such mood swings and when they took a turn for the worse, we called it "grumpus."

Another Griffin favorite: Snugglepiggy.  Griff had a pink stuffed pig he liked to snuggle.  Still to this day Matt will say, "do you want to get snugglepiggy and watch a movie?'

M.E. gettin' snugglepiggy with BearBear.

Grumpus and snugglepiggy have even made there way into extended family.  Even tough old papas say them around our house!

The word making fun only continued with our first child.  We love the words she's come up with:
  • All my byself (all by myself)
  • Toast and turtle (toaster strudel)
  • Somthing to zert (something for dessert)
  • Mooches (kisses)
  • Oooh Ahhhs (hugs)
  • Hoostibill (hospital)
  • Big girl cheese (grilled cheese)
  • Ear Zachs (ear wax)
Suffice it to say we've had a laugh or two over words.  But here's the best.

I walk Matt to the door everyday when he leaves for work and M.E. and Pax naturally follow.  One day I said to Matt, "I love you and think you are handsome."  Two year old M.E. quickly yelled out, "Love your pants off!"
Love your pants off, Matt!

To this very day, this is now how we say "I love you."

I love funny words.

Do you have a fun family word you have to share?  Please do.  And remember, I love your pants off!


  1. We call quick little kisses on the cheek a "chooch" = cheek smooch.

    For a while, Lillian called the gas station, "the grasshopper station" so I often still call it that. :)

    Yesterday, she decided that hotels are called "Show and Tell." School is going to be a big shock.

    And somewhere in our first year of marriage, we started texting or writing, "I lrv you." I'm not sure why. But it has stuck.

  2. My mom and I make up words all the time. It drives Chris crazy.

    If something is romantic, we call it romantical.

    When I change Addy's diaper Belle says Eww tinky poot = Eww stinky poop.

    When my mom was first learning to text she always said I loue you, that has stuck.

    When you ask Belle a question and the answer is yes she say oh hey = ok.

    She calls boobs bubbles. Im not sure why, just one day I was getting dressed, she pointed at my chest and said bubbles.

  3. LOL!!! I love that and am going to have to borrow it!!! Love your pants off!!!! :)

  4. One day when discussing who Katlyn was more like she said, "Daddy I must have gotten your pants". She meant genes. So to this day we say pants instead of genes. Kelsey calls Gatorade "ratoraide" which has also stuck.



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