Saturday, August 21, 2010

Days of Play--Gumdrops

As a mom, I really like to have fun.  But what I really like is fun I can eat! Ergo, gumdrop towers.

You'll need dry spaghetti noodles or toothpicks (better for school-aged children), a bag of gumdrops, and your imagination.

Using your supplies, build a tower with your child.  Try different contests to see who can make the tallest, the roundest, the sturdiest ....

When you are done, eat the gumdrops :)

(P.S.  Did I mention you should wash your hands BEFORE starting?)


  1. This is a really cute idea! For Christmas last year, I bought 2 foam cones and had the kids make trees with gumdrops and tooth picks it was fun and there were great table decorations! I am going to use your tower idea for a fun activity in school this week!

  2. I would have to use gummy bears because I'm not a huge fan of gumdrops but that is a great idea!!! How fun!!! I agree, though, must be some handwashing done before you start so you can eat the gumdrops!!!

  3. This is fun! Eli would love it!

    I'm catching up on most of your blogs now. Our internet is totally jacked...but is getting fixed Tuesday! I'm on campus right now & quickly catching up with all my online social networking. Haha! So, soon I will be a good online buddy again! :)

    Loved the post about made up words...tried to comment but I don't think it went through!

    Hope you are doing well! :)


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