Friday, August 13, 2010

Date Night In--Themed Dinner and a Movie

I think "dinner and a movie" is the most common date night in (at least around our house).  Though it's common, there is no reason this date has to be boring.

Why not plan a themed dinner and a movie?  Eat and dress according to the movie theme.

For example:
Western Theme

  • Wear jeans, big belts, boots and hats
  • Eat bbq
  • Watch a western like Tombstone, Quigley Down Under, City Slickers, or Young Guns.
Vegas Theme

  • Wear a cocktail dress/suit
  • Eat hors d'oeuvres
  • Drink mocktails
  • Watch What Happens in Vegas, Honeymoon in Vegas, The Cooler, or Ocean's Eleven
80's Theme
  • Tag your jeans, wear three pairs of socks with some Keds, over-do the blue eyeshadow and rat your hair 
  • Dine on Hamburger Helper (which came out in the 80's) or blackened chicken with mud pie for dessert
  • Drink Daquiries
  • Watch The Wedding Singer, Sixteen Candles, Goonies, or Ferris Buellar's Day Off
Any other theme suggestions?

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  1. You could do a romantic theme:

    Dress sexy.
    Have a dinner of appetizers and champagne.
    Watch a favorite romantic comedy.

    Or a Southern theme:

    Dress in plaid shirts and jeans.
    Have a dinner of fried chicken, sweet tea, biscuits, salad and cobbler.
    Watch Gone with the Wind, Sweet Home Alabama or Steel Magnolias.


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