Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's Cooking 7/5-7/11

Matt and I have officially started P90X.  More on that later.

Anyhow, I didn't post a menu plan last week because we are trying to adjust to our new high-protein, low carb diet.

This week we'll be eating:

Monday--Chicken marsala and salad
Tuesday--Quinoa stuffed peppers
Wednesday--Grilled pepper steak and coucous with spinach
Thursday--Chicken cacciatore with salad
Friday--Dijon pork loin with wild rice
Saturday--Orange Honey Teriyaki chicken and brown rice
Sunday--Mystery dinner (which means I haven't decided yet!).


  1. Excited to hear about the P90X! Matt & I were looking at it online. It was scary!

    Did you do the bike race last Saturday? How'd it go? I was thinking of you guys & wishing I was hardcore enough to have done it! :)

  2. P90X is going really well so far. It's tough but I like it.

    Matt got to do the Tour but I had to miss it. Matt was supposed to have a trial on Monday so I didn't organize child care for the race. His case settled Friday night at 7. Since we didn't have kid care only one of us could ride. He had a must more stressful week then I did so he got to do the stress-release ride.

  3. You have a great blog here . . .with great advice. I think all of us mommies struggle with finding balance in our lives. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your wonderful blog!

  4. Uck. I am trying to do the belly fat cure (sort of), which is basically eat healthy with fewer refined carbs. I am so bad at this!


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