Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love--Robert Downey Jr.

When my sister and I were kids we would "call" things and that would make them "ours."  For example, "I call I get to be Punky Bruster," "I call the pink flying dog in The Never Ending Story," or "I call Rick Schroder."  Did you do this?

I've loved Robert Downey, Jr.  since the first time I saw the movie Heart and Souls (ya, I didn't see Johnny B. Good until I was older). Trust me, you need to watch this clip. It's a life changer.

The celeb crush continued when he showed up as a new resident in my fave quirky show Ally McBeal.

Of course now he's uber famous for Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark (aka Iron Man).

I admire that Robert Downey Jr. has overcome a life of trouble and addiction.  I think he's a pretty darn good actor (considering the pool, anyhow), an amazing singer (check out his CD "The Futurist"), and so much better looking than that "other" Robert.

Yes, him

Anyhow, for some gals, it's Pattinson or Lautner.  For others it's Pitt or Clooney.  You can have 'em ladies because I call Robert Downey, Jr.  

And I just thought you should know.

**FYI--"love" is a strong word here.  I love Downey Jr. like I love my pots and pans.  I really only LOVE--in a romantic sense--My Matthew!**

And you're welcome for the eye candy (I thought you could use it following yesterday's heavy post).

Who do you "call"?


  1. VERY good pick! I loved him growing up as well. Quirky, good looking, and talented. Although Johnny Depp was always #1 with me growing up though. Funny how teens today still like him! Right now, I call Joseph Manganiello, he plays Alcide on True Blood (my favorite show.) He has a body to die for! Haven't even noticed his talent yet! LOL. Google him, definitely eye candy!

  2. RDJ is super cute, but for my money I call Colin Firth.

  3. Patrick Dempsey. I know Grey's Anatomy was the start of McDreamy but I have "loved" Patrick Dempsey since he was the dork in "Can't Buy Me Love".

  4. @Tina--Johnny Depp from Cry Baby days=hot! Recently--not so much. Josephy Manganiello I had to google--nice!

    @Rachael--Colin Firth ... ahhhhh!

    @Heather--ME TO! I totally told Matt one time that Dempsey was a "fine wine" (getting better with age).

    Confession: I had a hard time picking between RDJ and James McAvoy. I chose RDJ because he's been around longer. But if we get to call two, I get James McAvoy!

  5. I am 45 years old, my sister 46. So, we got to see all of Robert's films as they were originally released. I got to see Chaplin at the theater as one of my anniversary presents from my husband. My husband and I have also seen most of his movies since Weird Science in the theater as well. So, I have always loved Robert and he will always be my favorite actor, besides my husband - no other man has made my heart skip a beat all these years!!!

  6. @Shelle--Weird Science is classic. Love it. RDJ just keeps gettin' better! DH and I think Iron Man is a great compromise. I can enjoy RDJ and he can enjoy the action (and Gweneth!)

  7. I call Gerard Butler...simply because P.S. I Love You is one of my favorite movies. That, and I like accents. :)

  8. Oh, and my cousin and I would call being characters in whatever movie we watched. The rule was that you couldn't call the character until they came on the screen and you could only call one per movie. It was always a race to see who could call being Belle first. :)

  9. My sisters and I always did the call it game. It was always a fight over who got to be Kelly on Saved By The Bell!!! Sorry Reagan but I would choose the other Robert, but you already knew this. Mine is Gerard Butler. I love him in everything he does and he has an accent, but since Sarah L. called it first (on here anyway)I will go with Mark Wahlberg who I love just as much as I love Gerard Butler. Maybe he should be my first choice, cause I have loved him longer :) Maybe I'm putting to much thought into this. Anyways I call Mark Wahlberg!

  10. @Sarah M--You can have the "other" Robert :) And Mark Wahlberg is not a bad "back up" plan.

    @Jenny W--Good call. Dang it!

  11. I call Russell Crowe - in Gladiator... no other.. lol


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