Friday, July 2, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday: White Out!

Have you noticed that WHITE is hot right now?  Pants, skirts, tops, accessories ... you name it, and people are wearing it right. I've even seen people breaking the white/cream rule and, you know, wearing white and cream together *gasp*!  But read here for how to do it right!

Anyhow, here are some little outfits to get your mind focused on how to wear white.
A sweet and sexy little dress (and I'm not a dress gal)

White with Military? Yes, please!

Okay, okay. If you are like me you probably can't commit to wearing a major clothing piece in white because your kids will inevitably get ketchup or mystery goo on you. Therefore, I present:

Accessories in White

Are you sold or are you still waiting for Labor Day so white will be out (don't hold your breath, that fashion rule is simply outdated!)

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  1. Oh I LOVE white!! I have a fabulous pair of white trouser pants I bought from Express... oh man.. I wear them year round! I also just got some super flattering shorts from The Limited in white - it just fancies up any outfit. (is fancies a word?) I always get compliments when I throw them on... just as easy as jeans, but they look better. lol (and yes.. inevitably, I always end up with fingerprints EVERYWHERE when I wear them)


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