Saturday, July 24, 2010

Days of Play--Play Ball!

Play with balls increases hand-eye coordination, attentions span, and gross motor skills (that's what she said).

Take some time today to play ball with your child.

For a baby:
Roll a ball back and forth between baby's legs and yours.

For a toddler:
Sit at the bottom of some stairs.  Throw a soft bouncy ball up the stairs and let it bounce down to you.

For Pre-schoolers:
Time for T-Ball!  Get out a T-ball stand, ball and soft bat.  Let your child practice hitting the ball or catching while you hit it.

For school aged children:
Play a game of catch, soccer, kickball, or basketball.

For tweens and older:
Challenge your children to a game of pool, golf, volleyball, or bocce ball.

Your children will thank you for this!

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