Saturday, July 3, 2010

Days of Play--4th of July Crafts

Yesterday we went to a 4th of July craft extravaganza at my friend Sarah's house.  I love to make Fourth of July crafts.

Today, make a craft with your kids.  It could be as simple as drawing American flags on the driveway with chalk or making sugar cookie star cutouts.  Of course you could try this red, white and blue recipe if you want something simple and simply decadent.

Need more ideas?  Head on over to Family Fun Magazine and check out their selection of themed crafts and recipes.  Isn't this welcoming wreath too cute?!?!


  1. I love the wreath! Now if only you had posted this before the craft day at my house... :)

  2. Sarah--I wrote this post Friday afternoon so I didn't know about the wreath yet :(

  3. I love Family Fun! They have the cutest crafts. Didn't get time to make any this year but there's always the next holiday!

  4. Oh...I love that wreath! I've been slacking on my blog reading! Although, I guess it could be easily changed for other holidays!



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