Friday, July 23, 2010

Date Night In--Puzzle Mania

I don't want to get all "Ross Gellar" on you but doing a good puzzle can be big fun!  Plus,
one puzzle
good food
good company
Simple and romantic date night in

Here's what you'll need:
  • Some finger foods (click here for some quick and simple tapas ideas).  Don't forget a few sweets.
  • Something to drink--red wine, sweet tea--your call
  • A good puzzle--try a 3D puzzle or something with a beach scene (that way you can dream about a beach vacation while you work)
  • candlelight
  • soft background music
  • a flat surface
What to do:
  1. Get the kids in bed (If your kids are too old to go to bed early, set them up with a movie and popcorn in their room or arrange for them to stay at a friend's house).
  2. Put a spread of food and drinks on the edges of the table.
  3. Get the puzzle out.
  4. Get to work!
  5. Visit while you work about anything but the kids :)


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