Friday, July 9, 2010

Date Night In--I am Fond-Of-You

This is a sweet way to end the week.

Prepare a special week for your sweetie and cap it off with a special dessert.

Every morning, leave your husband a loving note and a treat.

Monday--Chocolate--"My heart melts for you"
Tuesday--Angle cake--"You are my angel"
Wednesday--Marshmallows--"You make my life sweet."
Thursday--Bananas--"I'm bananas for you!"
Friday--Peanut Butter balls--"Being without you makes me nutty."

On Friday evening, get the kids to bed, break out the fondue set, and make a chocolate fondue (Need a recipe?  Click here, or here or here).

Have an assortment of fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, apples, etc.) marshmallows, peanut butter balls, pretzels, and baked goods (brownies, cheesecake, Oreos, rice krispies squares, angel food cake, etc.)  to dip into the chocolate.

Feed one another but follow the rules so no one gets burned or stabbed. Stab dipper.  Dip.  Remove from stabber.  Pick up and feed to your spouse.

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